Thank you for visiting VEGANS kyoto.
In our shop, as a measure to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection
We are implementing various initiatives for the safety and security of our customers.
We apologize for the inconvenience. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Request for cooperation from customers

Request to wear a mask

Please wear a mask except
when eating or drinking in the store.

Request for alcohol disinfection
when entering the store

Please disinfect with the alcohol disinfectant
installed at the entrance.

Request for
social distance

Please cooperate
in securing seat spacing, etc.

Efforts at our shop

Employee mask wearing

We will work wearing
an employee mask.

Implementation of hand washing
and disinfection

We provide thorough hand washing and alcohol disinfection
of employees and provide services.

Implementation of temperature measurement
before going to work

We carry out temperature measurement
before going to work.

Regular ventilation

We regularly replace
the air inside the store.

Cleaning the inside
of the store with disinfectant

Wipe the inside of the store such as chairs
and tables with alcohol disinfectant.