Vegan Restaurant(strictly plant-based restaurant).

We would like to see if there is anything
we can do even a little to all the things to consider of the earth today,
such as environment issues,
animal advocacy, sustainable society, aging and health, dietary, etc.
with that in mind, we cook dishes with the concept of “harmony with nature.”

Our commitment to ingredients

We are particular about pesticide-free and chemical-free
fertilizers as much as possible for VEGANS ingredients.
We mainly use vegetables procured from reliable farmers.
We would like you to feel the energy put into the ingredients.

Recommended menu

Charcoal-grilled vegetable bowl

We carefully charcoal-grill it with the secret sauce
that continues from the previous Vegans cafe & restaurant Fujinomori.

Naturally grown amazake drink

Easy to drink and divided by organic drinks and fruits.
Please enjoy the energy that permeates your body.

Consideration for the environment

  • Select vegetables with no pesticides or chemical fertilizers
  • Avoid plastics (petroleum-derived products) for temporary use
  • Select naturally derived dishwashing liquid to consider water resources
  • Select take-out packaging materials that are easy to return to nature in order to minimize the impact on the environment

We want to make good choices that are as environmentally friendly as possible.
While regularly reviewing measures, we are actively working to reduce food loss and waste as an environmental consideration.

Active use of bamboo material

Currently, we are actively using “bamboo material” for consumables and packaging materials used in our shop.

We are trying considering the possibility of bamboo.

Active use of bamboo material